Doj Festival

Religion is a very big thing in India and people do all sorts of things here for it. Even though there are uncountable temples in India, all of them are not famous. There are some small ones which has some special significance among people. One such religious place is in a place called Bhiwadi, Rajasthan […]

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Colour Burst

Light up your Life

Light plays a big factor in taking a pictures. In fact they are created with light. But some pictures can directly be created with different types lights we use and see. Here are few such photos  frames that will help you bring positiveness and newness in your life and help you bring the change you want. And […]

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_MG_1735 (2)

Exploring Kolkata through Photo Walks

I came to know that photo walk is a good option to explore a place from a previous fellow a Milaap. I did some research and came to know of the India Pictures photo walk event. From that a new group was formed called Calcutta Instagrammers who are still going strong and they organize regular […]

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Nikhil D'Souza Screaming his Lungs Out

Experiences of my First Concert

I always wanted to go to a concert, but never had the money and opportunity. I came to know about the concert when researching about what all to do during my days in Kolkata.  I booked the tickets in advance and waited for the day to come. Finally, I got a chance to go to […]

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Mewati Beauty

A Football Match in Mewat

I had a desire to go to Mewat and do some photography few years before I actually went. May be because it was a remote place populated by Muslims and I had a dry, tough image of the place in mind. Mewat is a district in Haryana and people mostly speak a mix of Haryanvi […]

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