Why I am taking a break from photography.

It got serious when I didn’t know what else to do apart from photography. There are some points in life when you have to make a decision. And there are certain philosophies which plays a part for a certain amount of time until you understand something beyond that. That process takes time for me at least. Nobody has perfect answers for what you want to know, you just learn from people who have crossed that path and are on their journey of figuring out something else. 

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For a long time, I believed that it will come to me naturally that what my passion is. But thats’s not how things works, one has to cultivate it over a long period of time. So, the idea that follow your passion and rest will fall into place was hard to change from my mind. I now realise that one has to find different ways to fulfil that passion. These ways may not be what you expected before. Not everything works the same way, and something like photography is one which needs you to be damn good before you start doing it professionally. That’s where I made the mistake of jumping quite early.  There is a long process to achieve something. It is very important to do significant amount of work without pressure, to develop your skill, to find what genre of photography you like and to start developing a style that sets you apart. 

There are people who have found some solution by adding some related work to their passion in order to survive while some have changed their directions or modified it in some way. Everyone has to do something, it comes down to what they can and what change can they accept. These change doesn’t have to be emotionally sound for you to accept, there are things which you can’t accept and there are things which doesn’t work out even if force yourself to do it. 

To move ahead in photography, you have to let go of the monetary burden. I am slowly accepting that. Don’t mix survival with passion. Especially on an early stage, it doesn’t mean you can’t try when you think you should. There would be a lot of let downs before you can make it. One has to keep fighting and finding ways to find something that works. Finding ways can mean modifying your product according to the market. Finding ways can mean doing a lot of photography to find what you are good at. Finding ways can mean learning from someone or inviting someone to help you. 

And slowly I am making my mind for picking up the camera again, and find ways to earn with and along with it. One of the areas I am currently focusing is to showcase my work in printed form, so that it does have a real impact.

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