Exploring Kolkata through Photo Walks

I came to know that photo walk is a good option to explore a place from a previous fellow a Milaap. I did some research and came to know of the India Pictures photo walk event. From that a new group was formed called Calcutta Instagrammers who are still going strong and they organize regular photo walks, events and competitions. Streets of Calcutta is another great website which does the same. Here are the photo walks I did:

1. India Pictures at Kumartuli

Kumartuli is a place where artisans make idols of clay. The best time to go is before durga puja as most of the idols are used during this biggest festival. There are restrictions to go inside a shop and you may have to take a ticket by paying a small amount to explore the place. There are hundreds of small shops where the idols are made and the small shops in the small lanes have almost similar idols. You may find different types of lighting, colours and interesting people if you take time and explore properly.

IP_Meet_Group_Photo_2 (1)

2.  500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk hosted by DCP Expeditions at Rajarhat

The photo walk in Rajarhat was in a grassland area, visiting it is even better if you have a telephoto lens to shoot birds and long distance images. The event was poorly organized but if you are interested in nature photography, this is a decent place.

500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk

3. Streets of Calcutta in association with Asian Photography Magazine and Roots of India at Mullick Ghat

This was my best photo walk out of all. The place is a paradise for photographers. The streets, ghats and the flower market are just amazing for street photography. The place is heavily crowded especially during the morning time. And your feet is bound to get dirty in the muddy water all around.

mullick ghat soc

4. Streets of Calcutta with Calcutta Instagrammers at Kalighat


Kalighat is a very famous religious place in Kolkata. You may feel the aura of it as soon as you enter the place. The shops where the religious items are sold and the people visiting and staying there are good subjects to shoot.

5. Calcutta Instagrammers at Vivekananda Park

I was not sure about the event if I should go or not and would it be worth it. But it turned out to be fun as I met a friend there unexpectedly. And it was the first time I flew a ‘phanush’ (sky lanterns) during diwali and I loved it. It turned out to be a good event for night photography.

vivekanada phanush

This is what it looks like during a photo walk where everyone is trying to get the same shot:

_MG_1735 (2)

So if you are new to a city and love to explore a place or just make new friends try doing some photo walks.


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