A Football Match in Mewat

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I had a desire to go to Mewat and do some photography few years before I actually went. May be because it was a remote place populated by Muslims and I had a dry, tough image of the place in mind.

Mewat is a district in Haryana and people mostly speak a mix of Haryanvi and Urdu.

So, my cousin Tom, who is a big fan of football, and would go anywhere for a football match, called me up and said there will be a local tournament happening in Mewat where anyone can form an team and participate. He asked me if I was interested in doing some photography there, and I instantly agreed. But we were ourselves not sure if it would actually work out. He called me up the night before the match and told me that we’ll be going tomorrow. We didn’t even know where the match would happen until we reached there. We eight boys started the journey, changed the modes of transportation 3-4 times, coordinated with other boys of the team coming from different place and reached finally at a place called Rooparka which is half an hour ahead of Nooh in bus.

Football Players Standing at the Inauguration

A special announcement was made to welcome us. The commentator was incredibly funny and even named a local player as Neymar, which I never expected he would know. The knowledge of the people there in football surprised me. Around 200 people, young and old, came to watch the match and surrounded the school ground where it was happening.

Goal Kick

Vendors also got prepared for the sales before the match. The match started and people especially children were more interested in the ice-cream and eatables than the match. Ladies were rarely to be seen there. Not so surprising as they are not big fans of football and probably also because the men don’t want them to be seen there.

I was more interested in shooting the local people than the match. And I was very much satisfied with the shots I got although my cousin’s team lost the match.

Goalkeeper Appealing

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