Experiences of my First Concert

I always wanted to go to a concert, but never had the money and opportunity. I came to know about the concert when researching about what all to do during my days in Kolkata.  I booked the tickets in advance and waited for the day to come. Finally, I got a chance to go to the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Kolkata. My main motivation was the legendary band Megadeth. The event was for two days and as it was about to come, my neck problem started and I was not sure if I would make it. I postponed showing it to the doctor and went bearing the pain.

The first day was best with good bands such as Parikrama, Kailasa, Baiju Dharmajan Syndicate. Although I was alone, I enjoyed the music without the head banging. Certain things which I didn’t enjoy was people smoking all over. And some assholes were definitely smoking weed. Food and drinks are other things which I am not into. And of course I can’t do all the show off which most of the crowd did with their weird styles. Some of which was fine, it look quite like this: Boys with their band t-shits, beards and long hair and girls with bunny cap, crazy hair bands, dresses with they themselves can’t walk and rest which I can’t even explain.

Fortunately I managed to be in the front for some bands and with my limited focus lens I got some pictures. Here it is:

Some bands were definitely not my type; the extremely slow ones and over metal rock ones. The speakers were also usually loud beyond the point you can actually enjoy it.

The second day started in the afternoon. The real music starts only after 2 hours of the starting time, so roaming around two hours in the heat drained the energy. Bands such as Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe, Nikhil D’Souza started the day well. ‘Papon and The East India Company’ blown my ears away with their good music. Now came the time for the legendary ‘band The Wailers’, which I was not excited to listen. I just wanted to see how the songs of Bob Marley were. After listening to 10 minutes, I was fairly staisfied but found that it was not the type of music which I like, so I left one hour before to secure my place for the most anticipated band ‘Megadeth’.

On reaching the Bacardi Arena I found that the hardcore fans with the band T-shits are already lined up hours before. So I also waited along with them smoking passively. After some time the area was totally full and my back along with my head was already hurting. Due to some setup problems the band started half hour late and by the time they started I was already tired with the pushing, kicking and smoking. Somehow they started and the crowd went nuts. People were leaving from the front as they coudn’t take the crowd misbehavior anymore. Some people were doing it on purpose and trying to creep in the front. Girls are quite good in creeping to the front, as they did in most of the performances I was in front, but they also couldn’t do much while Megadeth was performing as the crowd was so ruthless. After five minutes I also decided to leave as I had the camera which was getting difficult to protect and had reached the height of tolerance of everything. The band was quite disappointing in singing. The lead singer Dave Mustaine was maybe too old and couldn’t sing due to continuous performances. I listened for five more minuted from far and left home disappointed. The ‘Happiest Music Festival’ was not so happy for me in the end. Although it was well organized and overall satisfactory.


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